If you are looking for something different, then please give us a call. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience within our dedicated team to help you create the perfect fencing solution for your private or commercial needs. Right Metal Fencing has a range of fencing suited to a variety of applications - contact us now!

Manufactured from woven, galvanised and then PVC coated wire, chain link or chain mesh fencing provides a very durable yet economic means of fencing to protect your property. It has long been considered one of the best choices for a cost effective fencing solution with the flexibility to suit a huge range of applications. Chain link fencing is extremely strong and durable and will withstand rugged conditions with minimal maintenance.

Available in a myriad of configurations, chain link fencing is a popular choice accross a wide range of industries. Chain Link is available in heights ranging from 600mm to 6000mm and can be offered in galvanised finish or PVC coated . Options for additional top, bottom and mid rails are available to give the fence added strength, while posts, fittings and rails can also be powder coated to match the PVC coated wire.

Nearly all sporting venues require fencing. From tennis courts to cricket nets, oval surrounds and crowd barriers, Right Metal Fencing have a solution to your needs. We can supply and install the popular chain link fencing to various sporting applications, or design a custom fencing setup based on your needs.

With extensive specialist knowledge, we have years of experience in developing customised tennis court netting and fencing, cost effective boundary fencing for ovals and sporting facilities, and heavy duty cricket net fencing that stands up to high impact and volume use. Whatever your specialised need, Right Metal Fencing have a product for you.

We can produce all purpose barriers using a wide range of materials to create a variety of affordable options. Whether it's a backyard barrier at home or walkway balustrading for a major apartment complex, Right Metal Fencing has the experience and workmanship to service various projects.

We are proud to meet the needs of architects, developers, commercial and residential builders, renovators and owner-builders with the tailored and specialised services that each of these sectors require. With handrails and balustrades custom made and able to be fixed in a huge range of applications, Right Metal Fencing can make what you need.

With a large range of specifications to offer protection for different levels of perceived risk, Palisade is the perfect choice when high security is required. Available in a variety of different specifications, all components of our palisade fences are hot dipped galvanised and pre-treated after fabrication to meet AS 4680 standard and can also be powder-coated as an option. Additionally, while palisade fencing is one of a number of different types of modern security fencing, it is one of the best performing in terms of efficiency, security, longevity and appearance.

Available in standard height of 2400mm (other sizes custom made), our palisade fencing includes compatible fence and gate posts, rails, pales, footings and fixings. Palisade pales are secured to the rails utilising an anti-tamper fixing. Palisade can also be complemented with a range of topping options including razor tape and electric fence extensions to increase the level of security.

Crusader high quality commercial fencing is one of our most popular heavy-duty security fencing options. Apart from its good looks, Crusader makes a statement about your business, while protecting you plant and equipment.

Manufactured using 25mmx25mm SHS pickets with high definition pressed heads and 40mmx40mm SHS horizontal rails and finished in powder-coat over pre-galvanised steel, this popular style fence is welded using rust free stainless steel welding.

It is available in face or punched rail-welded options. Tamper-proof screws can be used for added security and all gates are hinged on ball bearings. Crusader security fencing has over the years become more and more popular.

Available in a large range of designs, tubular fencing is now the standard for a variety of applications for schools, industrial buildings and public venues. Tubular fencing provides a cost effective, stylish and highly customisable solution for any of your commercial or residential fencing requirements. There are many style options including both face welded and through rail options, with either steel or aluminium materials offering strength and durability.

Right Metal Fencing is proud to offer another patented product from Jagfence known as Dulok. Dulok is a double wired welded mesh fencing system. The horizontal double wires are an added security benefit as it more than doubles the difficulty to cut through the mesh panels.

Dulok is ideal for the perimeter of any premises needing a fully secured boundary as well as a neat, uniform finish for street appeal. This robust system created an excellent first impression for visitors and passers-by. Along with boundary fencing, Right Metal Fencing can custom build any gates or other custom products to suit your premises.

  • Anti-cut rigid panels
  • Highly transparent allowing an unimpeded view of the site, not giving any cover for an intruder
  • Panels are easily stepped to suit uneven ground forms
  • Range of colours available
  • Range of height options available


  • Height: 630, 830, 1030, 1230, 1430, 1630, 1830, 2030, 2430 mm
  • Panel Width: 2506 mm
  • Mesh Sizes: 200 x 50 mm
  • Wire Diameters: 6 mm verticals / 2 x 8 mm horizontals (also available in 6/5/6/ mm)

Securus weldmesh is The ultimate anti-climb weldmesh fencing system, traditionally used in vulnerable situations where high security is absolutely essential. With the system featuring 4mm horizontal wires spaced less than 9mm apart, it is basically impossible to cut or penetrate with conventional tools. Our high-strength system is complete in fixing the weldmesh panels to specially fabricated T-posts using proof shear fasteners.

Weldmesh fencing systems are quickly becoming recognised throughout Australia for their extremely low visual impact, allowing any intruder to be exposed. It's an ideal system for increased security options such as cranked or straight extensions for barbed or razor wire. From a visual point, Securus weldmesh is a very neat system and particularly uniform with the common powder-coated black finish.

  • Attractive appearance even with dense mesh.
  • Rigid flat welded mesh panels.
  • Suitable for ground bury.
  • Range of colours available.


  • Height: 1830, 2030, 2440 mm
  • Panel Width: 2515 mm
  • Mesh Sizes: 76.5 x 12.5 mm

Right Metal Fencing act as agents for Jagfence's patented Exempla, the stylish new fencing solution that is fast becoming a preferred security fencing option for architects and landscapers looking for unobtrusive, elegant appearance and the ability to blend aesthetically with any environment.

Perfect for schools, ovals, highways, airports, railway stations, warehouses and tourist parks, it is strong, tamper-proof and available as a modular system for easy installation and replacement. Its low visual obstruction, stylish and durable powder-coated finish and combination of options that allow spiked tops and heights up to 4.5m make it one of the most flexible and architecturally appealing fencing systems available on the market today.

The open mesh of Exempla fencing makes it difficult to damage with graffiti while also allowing exactly what matters to stand out - it could be incredible architecture, your landscape, or even an unwanted intruder - nothing is hidden by Exempla. With a unique fixing system featuring tamper-proof fasteners and no unsightly clips it is extremely difficult for the average person to remove fence panels.

High Transparency – Minimum visual impact allowing an unimpeded view of the site.

Modular System – Accidentally damaged panels can be easily replaced and infinite stepping of panels.

Appealing – Classy, powdercoated finish, graffiti resistant.

Large range of heights available.


  • Height: 1930, 2330, 3730, 4130, 4530 mm
  • Panel Width: 2485 mm
  • Mesh Sizes: 200 x 55 mm
  • Wire Diameters: 5 mm verticals (horizontals and verticals)

Customised fencing is the perfect solution for unique jobs. Looking for something different? We have the experience to produce non-standard fencing and gates from a variety of combined fencing materials. Custom-made to the highest standards from one of the most experienced companies in the business, customised fencing from Right Metal Fencing is the solution to any of your fencing requirements.